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2016 – 2020 Kleif Les mer

APRIL architects is an award winning design practice founded on enthusiasm and dedication - based in Oslo, with a satellite office in Reykjavík.

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Winning two open competitions in 2003 laid the foundations for establishing APRIL architects. The office has accumulated long and in-depth experience from all the phases of the design process and has realized works on all scales, from furniture, to buildings and urban plans. APRIL takes on big and small projects. The office has had the opportunity to be selected and invited to many closed competitions for proposing urban improvement in small towns all over Norway. Many years of exploratory, and sometimes prize winning participation in competitions has facilitated innovative approach in urbanism and housing.

APRIL architect's work has been published internationally, and their housing projects are presented in supervisory brochures of public offices displaying exemplary practice in Norway. APRIL's partners have been involved in teaching and research across borders, and they have contributed in the public discourse through active participation in Norway and Iceland.

The architect is a specialist in getting as much value as possible out of the resources at disposal. Our eyes are trained to see potentials where others don't see them. Our mind is trained to zoom into and forming the smallest details while always making sure that the well founded whole is becoming even sounder.

In our view identifying the existing qualities and structures, and assessing the added value by framing, reusing and recycling, is a natural and ever more necessary part of the first phase of the design process. Independent of scale, this principle touches upon environment, economy and cultural history.


We have all the required licenses for architectural work and master planning in Norway and in Iceland.


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  • Kathrine Lagethon Lunøe

    Simon Scharnweber

    Siyin Pang

    Lene Marie Grennes

    Gunnar Aasen Rogne

    Giambattista Zaccariotto

    Laufey Sigurðardóttir

    Kristin Pedersen

    Hans Kristian Moen

    Olav Fergus Kvalnes

  • Borghildur Indriðadóttir

    Leena Marjamaa

    Astrid Haram

    Arne Vidar Hegni

    Wenche Andreassen

    Daniel Ferdman

    Christa Hellesøe-Jensen


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    Iceland: +354 6807077

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  • 2020
    Let it be! Morgenbladet magazine (Norway)

    An article by Hanne Sophie Claussen and Kjersti Hembre. Text and ill.: 'The Public Against Demolishing the Y-block', visuals by Donatas Grinius, MAD

  • 2020
    Stundin magazine (Island)

    An article about the connection between shocks and the design of the built environment.

  • 2017
    Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism: Imminent Commons

    APRIL was invited by the curators Hyungmin Pai and Alejandro Zaera-Polo to the Seoul Biennale for Architecture and Urbanism, and contributed in the Cities Exhibition with the installation "The Hot Pot"in in spring 2017. The hot pot has an important place in Icelandic debate culture. The installation was at the heart of the exhibition functioning as a meeting place.

  • 2015
    Uncube magazine (Berlin)

    A commissioned article by Arna Mathiesen in an issue on Icelandic architecture: 'I wish you were there' p. 9-14.

  • 2015
    Boundaries, Encounters, Connections (PDF) - book (Danmark)

    Arna Mathiesen peer reviewed article on Housing in Iceland in the light of an economic meltdown presented in a conference Boundaries|Encounters|Connections inKøbenhavn and is published in the conference publication, p. 6-17.

  • 2015
    Re-designing the Gap - a conference. (Oslo)
    APRIL conceptualised and organised a conference at the house of Literature in Oslo; 'Re-designing the Gap – Urbanization between Formal Institutions and Informal Dynamics'. The conference was a cooperation between CSMN - Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature (University of Oslo) and AHO (the architecture school in Oslo).
  • 2015
    A10, New European Architecture - magazine

    'Design as a tool to make a better world', a commissioned article by Arna Mathiesen p. 40

  • 2015
    HA magazine (Iceland)
    Pétur Ármannsson extrapolates on the situation with a reference to our book 'Scarcity in Excess', p. 112-116
  • 2013
    SCIBE - a news paper (UK)
    APRIL´s urban analysis from a case study on the Reykjavik Capital Area after an economic meltdown, p. 1 and p. 42-51
  • 2012
    Scarcity and Creativity in the Built Environment - a seminar (Iceland)
    'Understanding the Reykjavík Capital Area before and after a financial meltdown in search for design strategies for a more resilient environment.' A seminar at the 'Ícelandic Farm'
  • 2012
    Edge Urbanism - a design workshop and exhibition (Iceland)
    Cooperation between 'Scarcity and Creativity in the Built Enviroment-studio', Agricultural University of Iceland, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design og European Postgraduate Master in Urbanism, initiated and curated by APRIL. The workshop was at the Agricultural University of Iceland (the planning department) and finished with panel discussions and an exhibition at the Nordic House in Reykjavik
  • 2012
    ID magazine (UK)
    Special issue: Scarcity - Architecture in an Age of Depleting Resources, including Arna Mathiesen´s article ´Icelandic Initiatives´, p. 94-99
  • 2012
    Ideas Changing, Europan Implementations 2008-2012 - book
    Realisations/outcomes of APRILs winning proposal in Europan7 Stavanger published, p.94-97
  • 2008
    Norwegian Wood (PDF) - exhibition
    The exhibition: "Norwegian Wood - a laboratory" was developed in cooperation between "Norwegian Architects for Sustainable Architecture" and the National Museum of Architecture. The exhibit discussed how and why one should think sustainably and innovatively using in wood as building material. APRIL designed two of 17 prosjects presented in the exhibit. APRILs Arna Mathiesen worked with curator Anne Marit Lunde and she was responsible for layout for the graphic part of the exhibit. In addition APRIL conceptualised the pedagogic part of the exhibit, involving children in the exhibition, stimulating them to think about what sustainable building is.
  • 2008
    PUU magazine (Finnland)
    APRILs project; Jåtten Øst, Stavanger published, p. 26-31
  • 2008
    The Provincialists catalogue (Faroese Islands)
    Arna Mathiesen´s essay published in relation to an art project, p. 52-54 ´From the periphery, to the center and halfway back - between the urban and the provincial´.
  • 2004
    20 under 40 - an exhibition
    An exhibition at the National Museum in Oslo, presenting 20 offices driven by architects under 40 years of age. APRIL was, in addition to being one of the 20 offices, commissioned to make an installation which went on a round trip around Norway the next 4 years.
  • 2004
    Byggekunst magazine (Norway)
    APRIL represented in an issue dedicate to 20 under 40. With focus on a winning competition entry for a new masterplan for Vigeland, p. 22-23
  • 2004
    Byggekunst magazine
    Presentation of Hothouse p. 47-49
  • 2004
    Europan Norway publication
    The Norwegian Europan7 catalogue. APRILs Hothouse came nr. 1. on one of the three Europan lots in Norway


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  • 04.06

    Building permit

    APRIL is the responsible applicant and designer for the conversion of a housing unit at Bøler, Oslo

  • 05.03

    Akranes, Iceland

    APRIL is prequalified for design competition for a masterplan of a large recreational area in the largest town in west Iceland - in cooperation with Svavarsson Design Lab.

  • 20.04

    A part of APRIL stuck in Iceland!

    Arna is stuck in Iceland because the borders more or less closed due to the Corona crisis. Hopefully her presence on the island will be useful in some respect

  • 16.04

    Let it be!

    Kjersti Hembre and Hanne Sophie Claussen, write in Morgenbladet - featuring illustrations of a Y-block with a different content - project by APRIL.

  • 08.04

    An new newspaper article

    This article in an Icelandic paper was trigged by the covid-19 crisis. As it turned out that the financial meltdown in Iceland was not the last crisis. April architect's reflections and take-away's are extrapolated in this piece.

  • 07.02

    New government quarters - to which prize tag?

    As leaders for the initiative 'Campaign to save the Y-block' Kjersti Hembre writes an article in Dagsavisen with Hanne Sophie Claussen

  • 08.01

    Save the Y-block prime minister!

    An open letter published in the news paper Aftenposten, signed Elton, Claussen and Hembre

  • 02.01

    A protest march for the Y-block

    By 'Campaign to save the Y-block' . APRILs Kjersti Hembre is instrumental in the leadership committee

  • 20.12

    A new cabin in Iceland

    Our first commission in Iceland was just put in use.

  • 19.10

    Interview about the conservation of the Y-block

    APRIL's Kjersti Hembre interviewed in the culture magazine Harvest.

  • 20.09

    Pecha Kucha at DogA

    Pecha Kucha on the Y-block action by Kjersti Hembre and Hanne Sopie Claussen. DOGA is a driving force behind sustainable value creation through design and architecture. 

  • 19.09

    Permission to start building

    Now construction of the 5th part of the Gamle Drammens vei project can start - interior work.

  • 17.09

    Permission to start building

    Now construction of the 4th part of the Gamle Drammens vei project can start - closing the exterior envelope

  • 09.09

    Release the creativity?

    An article in Dagsavisen news paper by APRIL's Kjersti Hembre with Hanne Sopie Claussen

  • 04.09

    The Y-bench on auction

    An auction by the 'Campaign to save the Y-block'

  • 27.07

    A call

    Din våte Drøm in a concert for the Y-block. A call by Kjersti Hembre

  • 21.05

    The Y-bench on auction

    The Y-bench designed by APRIL and implanted in public space.

  • 24.10

    An action for saving the Y-block

    Organized by the 'Campaign to save the Y-block'

  • 03.09

    Nomination for the Oslo architecture prize

    Spikerverket is a candidate for the prize! : "In the Norwegian context Spikerverket in Nydalen is rare, where mixed use shares outdoors space. This is a good example on mixed-use in architecture and urbanism". (a loose translation from Norwegian)

  • 23.07

    We got permission

    The 1st phase of the building of Gamle Drammensvei can start now, thanks to Bærum Municipality.

  • 20.06

    A BIG building permission

    APRIL's application for transforming a commercial building from the 60ties into mixed use with 30 housing units is now permitted by Bærum Municipality. The building includes 4300m2, including 500m2 commercial space.

  • 04.06

    A Honorary Mention

    APRIL got a honorary mention for a proposal in an open competition on the harbour area in Hafnarfjörður, Island.

  • 11.05

    A building permission arrived

    Oslo municipality just gave permission for the transformation of a single family house we have re-designed in Frognerseterveien 11B

  • 10.01

    The HOT POT arrives in Oslo

    APRIL's installation for the Seoul Biennale has arrived the office after a long trip by boat, and can now be experienced in Sagveien 23c, Oslo.

  • 23.11

    Presentation in Oz

    I dag presenterte Arna Mathiesen APRIL's forslag for Steinneset i Os med full sal av publikum til stede

  • 05.09


    APRIL's Hot Pot on display at the Seoul Biennale

  • 15.05

    Building permissions

    APRIL's design for three buildings in Bjerkeveien, Oppegaard got accepted by the building committee today

  • 10.05


    Os municipality invites APRIL along with Cubus and Fragment architects to make a proposal for Steinneset town center

  • 21.12

    A commission for the Seoul Biennale

    Hyungmin Pai has invited APRIL to make an installation on the city of Reykjavik, Iceland at the Seoul biennale in September 2017. "In the Cities Exhibition, about 50 cities in the world will participate. Focusing on the common values that world cities and the specific themes of the Seoul Biennale, the Cities Exhibition showcases key projects and policy initiatives of each city."

  • 25.10

    A public event for saving the Y-block

    A concert, a protest march and calls for action, initiated by the 'Campaign to save the Y-block'

  • 11.10

    A competition proposal ready

    APRIL delivered a competition proposal for the Gufunes area in Reykjavík Iceland APRIL was a prequalified to do.

  • 24.08

    A triology presentation

    APRIL delivered 3 projects sketch phase (two single family houses and one two family house) + one study for their neighbourhood!

  • 16.06

    Nordic Built Cities Challenge

    APRIL congratulates Dagný Bjarnadóttir, Anders Egbjerg Terp and Gunnlaugur Johnson for the winning entry in Nordic Built Cities Challenge. APRIL was a nordic collaborator and a consultant on the team

  • 21.05

    An 'Onion for the Neigborhood' stunt

    'Onion for the Neighborhood' (a project for urban agriculture) will be present at 'åpen gård' happening at Geitmyra food culture center for children at 12-15.

  • 27.04

    A competition

    APRIL is shortlisted for a competition in Gufunes, Iceland.

  • 30.03

    A presentation in Alta

    APRILS study for Bossekop presented in Alta, Northern Norway

  • 01.02


    Spikerverket housing sold out a year before completion!

  • 01.02

    Jåtten Øst - an example to follow

    APRIL's Jåtten Øst is represented in a collection of good examples for liveable urban housing environments in a public catalogue from the county governor.

  • 08.01


    APRIL shortlisted for a study for Bossekop in Alta

  • 29.10

    APRIL travels to Italy, including a lecture in Rome

    A lecture at Sapienza University in , in to the book. Thanks for the invitation Barbara Pizzo. Followed by the whole gang of APRIL architects olive picking in Toscana with colleague Caroline Tarling!

  • 20.05

    Launch: 'Onion for the neighboorhood'

    Løk for Strøk 'Onion for the Neighborhood' project launched in Oslo

  • 25.04

    Re-designing the Gap

    APRIL conceptualizes and organizes a conference at the house of literature - Re-designing the Gap: Urbanization between Formal Institutions and Informal Dynamics, in cooperation with the Oslo school of architecture and design and Oslo University. Thanks to Professor Christel Fricke from the Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature (CSMN) 

  • 26.03

    A lecture in Seoul

    APRIL's Arna Mathiesen gives a lecture at the architecture program at Seoul University, in relation to the new book  + introducing APRIL's work

  • 09.02

    A protest march for the Y-block

    Organised by 'Campaign to save the Y-block' . APRILs Kjersti Hembre is a founding member and instrumental in the leadership committee

  • 22.01

    A lecture at the Manchester University School of Architecture

    A lecture at the Manchester University School of Architecture, in relation to the book. Thanks for the invitation Deljaana Iossifova!

  • 27.11

    APRIL got 'green resources'

    APRIL receives 'green resources' from the local municipality to launch the Onion Project.

  • 21.10

    A Book launch in Iceland!

    Glad to be finally launching the book:'Scarcity in Excess' at the scene - Mengi in Reykjavík. Looking forward to finally meet so many of the contributors involved. Welcome all!

  • 20.05

    APRIL travels to Copenhagen

    Looking forward to combining a presentation at the Urban Laboratory and exploring Copenhagen by bike.

  • 08.04

    Presentation at Doga (Oslo)

    Presentation and exhibition on the Vippetangen project we were shortlisted to do; at DOGa

  • 13.03

    A big presentation at Oslo Municipality

    The final report for Vippetangen delivered

  • 07.11

    Future built

    Bykubesong and other projects on climate friendly housing in the competition by the FutureBuilt program in an exhibition

  • 24.09

    A Nomination for a prestigious prize!

    Spikerverket housing nominated for the Oslo architecture prize in 2013

  • 15.08

    APRIL found a publisher

    Actar will publish our book!

  • 14.06

    We love permaculture

    APRIL's Arna Mathiesen just received a permaculture design certificate. Thanks Jan Bang!

  • 23.01

    A milestone at Spikerverket

    1st phase of Spikerverket is finished and people are moving in

  • 01.12

    Innflytting første byggetrinn Spikerverket boliger

    De første 40 leilighetene klare for innflytting. Bygg F og G er de første to bygninger av totalt fem som skal romme tilsammen 156 boliger

  • 03.10

    A talk and guest critique

    APRIL's Arna Mathiesen gives an informal talk at the Illinois Institute of technology and is included in a panel for guest critique. Thanks to Zoka Scorup.

  • 15.08

    A Sabbatical coming up

    APRIL's Arna Mathiesen is to spend 4 months in Chicago, exploring town and concluding the SCIBE study.

  • 01.04

    APRIL moves!

    APRIL moves the office to lovely quarters at Sagveien 23c, just by Akerselva river.

  • 07.02

    Coming up, an article in AD Magazine (London)

    APRIL's Arna Mathiesen just sent off her article to AD magazine, zooming up the findings in the SCIBE project. This will be a special Issue: Scarcity: Architecture in an Age of Depleting Resources

  • 31.01

    Drammen - the city of canals.

    APRIL joined forces with PLM architecture and delivers a competition proposal in an open competition in Drammen, Norway.

  • 31.01

    Village People in Fornebu

    APRIL joined forces with Leena Marjamaa and Helinco architecture and was prequalified for a closed competition in Fornebu, now delivering the proposal

  • 31.01

    Parallell assignment delivered

    One more charette is over and we have finished our proposal for development of Skei village in Surnadal

  • 18.12

    A Grant from HERA!

    Today we got huge news. Since last year we have, together with a great team led by Jeremy Till, been working on a research grant application. This is a collaboration between three universities: Westminster University, The Technical University in Vienna and The Oslo School of Architecture, for who APRIL is working on this project. To get to the point, today HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area) announced that the team will get the grant. The name of the project is SCIBE; Scarcity and Creativity in the Built Environment.

  • 31.07

    How to make a square beyond the Arctic cycle?

    APRIL tried to come up with an appropriate solution for the assignment in their proposal in a closed competition

  • 31.01

    A new model for small scale flexible housing

    APRIL proposes a module system that is flexible and has general qualities that are designed for an economic model

  • 13.11

    Building permission accomplished!

    APRIL received permissions for HOT HOUSE Stavanger.

  • 31.05

    As far North we have ever been

    Spring in Norway but retty cool up north literally. Fantastic experiencing the crisp light of Båtsfjord

  • 07.03

    APRIL takes an important role for the Oslo School of Architecture

    APRIL´s Arna Mathiesen selected as a committee member for selecting an associate professor in sustainability for the Oslo School of Architecture (AHO)

  • 07.02

    APRIL receives a visit

    Today a group of students from AHO visited APRIL architects as a part of their course "Professional Practise"

  • 31.01

    A huge milestone in Stavanger

    Finally 73 housing units in Stavanger are finished and all the papers are in house. We hope the inhabitants will thrive forever!

  • 31.01

    The Kitchen Garden returns home

    Our installation has entered the office after a round trip to diverse venues in Norway.

  • 01.01

    Brainstorm for a new development in Hamar

    APRIL delivered a proposal for Lund and Vold - a collaboration with Dronninga Landskap

  • 01.01

    A proposal for Namsos

    The fruit of the collaboration with Leena Marjamaa and Fantastic Norway delivered

  • 01.01

    Out and about.

    APRIL´s Arna travels to Namsos with landscape architect Leena Marjamaa for inspecting a new site for a competition proposal. This time it will be a harbour promenade and facilities for "rock city". This project is a collaboration with Fantastic Norway

  • 31.07

    A new masterplan

    APRIL delivered and the plan got accepted. Now HOT HOUSE is one step closer to being realised

  • 30.06

    A new proposal for the Tourist Routes

    In an invited competition with Norwegian "Starchitects" ;)

  • 30.06

    A building permission granted

    A hut- extension is accepted near Risør, Norway. A small project but of course very important!

  • 20.05

    Competition delivery

    APRIL made a proposition for a Design Museum in an open competition in Iceland

  • 30.01

    A competition proposal in Iceland

    APRIL delivered a proposal for an open competition - a plan for a mixed use development in Kirkjusandur, Reykjavik.

  • 01.01

    We are moving!

    Now the office is a little further from the city center of Oslo. Still close to the river and the views are stunning. Welcome in Sandakerveien 35

  • 30.09

    A new plan for Jåtten Øst

    APRIL delivered a masterplan for a new housing development

  • 06.06

    Plan and housing in Hamar Norway

    A closed competition proposal for a residential d

  • 01.04

    Plan and housing in Hamar Norway

    In collaboration with Dronninga Landskap, APRIL developed a proposal for a new housing development close to the town center

  • 01.02

    Finished with our first building commission!

    APRIL receives final documentation for an extension for a house in Røa. Hurray!

  • 30.01

    Ensjø, here we come!

    We literally breath new life into Ensjø, Oslo in collaboration with MAD architects. If we don´t win this competition something is wrong!

  • 30.01

    The Green and the Blue in Akureyri

    APRIL proposed a new plan for Akureyri, Iceland in an open competiton. Let´s keep our fingers crossed!

  • 01.09

    Participation in Norwegian tourist routes project

    APRIL has just delivered their competition proposal for a road stop for a picnic in Selvika a few hours drive from Havøysund

  • 01.09

    A preliminary sketch for Jåtten Øst

    An important mile stone for a masterplan including two areas; B7 and B8

  • 19.06

    A summer installation

    Arna og Kjersti had a stopover in Vigeland on their way from Stavanger. Wonderful local artists had made their beds in temporary greenhouses that were a part of a temporary installation in the center of town.

  • 01.06

    Travel to the North

    APRIL is out travelling to experience a site for a new project far, far north in Norway. More later...

  • 01.05

    APRIL on display

    APRIL is selected to show their work in an exhibition called 20under40 showcasing the young generation of architects; 20 constellations of architects under 40. APRIL is also one of three practises that are invited to make installations that express their practise

  • 20.04

    The Europan conference in Athens

    Arna and Kjersti travel to Athens for participating as Europan winners.

  • 01.03

    Public Workshop in Vigeland

    In the spirit of "World Cafee" APRIL in cooperation with NABU (Norwegian Architects for Sustainable Development) organised workshops for the general public and politicians in Vigeland village.

  • 07.02

    APRIL at the crit´s

    APRIL was happy to function as guest critics at AHO at student crits.

  • 31.01

    The Kitchen Garden in Berlin

    Arna and Kjersti travel to Berlin to overlook the construction of the Kitchen Garden which now plays a role in launching the 2nd time Norway participates in Europan. The Norwegian Europan8 launch is in Galleri 0047

  • 29.01

    A new competition proposal

    APRIL delivers a proposal for a new housing development in Bragernes, Drammen. APRIL was handpicked as one of three teams.

  • 29.01

    A new publication!

    APRIL delivers a larg(ish!) document outlining the development for the center of Vigeland; (Re)vitalizing Vigeland. This will be an important instrument in further development of the Master plan.

  • 01.11
    Et konkurranseutkast levert
    APRIL leverer et forslag i en åpen konkurranse om en representasjonsbolig for den islandske ambassadøren i Berlin
  • 01.10 prize!

    Kjersti Hembre receives 1. prize in an open competition proposing a Central Park in in in the center of Vigeland

  • 01.08

    Europan prize

    Kjersti Hembre and Arna Mathiesen win Europan7 in Stavanger with HOT HOUSE

  • 07.02

    An Italian interview

    Arna and Kjersti interviewed for an issue of Italian magazine Paramettro dedicated to female architects

  • 01.06

    The first competition proposal

    Arna and Kjersti deliver a proposal for an open competition for Austurhöfn in Reykajvík, Iceland

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