Oslo, 2014

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After a competition a team coordinated by April was one of three teams that was commissioned by the building office at Oslo municipality to suggest and illustrate future visions for Vippetangen.

This is the place where the ferries come into Oslo on the tip south of the historical fortress. It is the only area belonging to the harbor at the center of Oslo that still has not been master-planned thoroughly. Our team's special assignment was to take special look at the historical context and preservation of existing buildings.

A grand promenade steers the perception of a rich experience through the area and there will be a new access trough a landscaped building that extends through to the quay and offers camping grounds in the middle of town. On the quay there will be urban spaces of different size and quality, views to important points of reference in the city are secured and new and historic buildings will have programs inspired from the history of the place. The municipality has now made most of our teams visions into their own.

April did the project in cooperation with Lala Tøyen, Mattias Ekman (an arkitekt with phd focused on heritage) and artist Jon Benjamin Tallerås