Ålgård, Gjesdal kommune, 2013

Flyfoto.jpgAlmenningen.jpgOmrader.jpgTog.jpgHovedgate.jpgSituasjonsplan.jpgNolli_allmenning.jpgSnitt1.jpgSnitt2.jpgperspektivskisse.jpgIllustrasjon Storhaug.jpgPerspektiv nord.jpg

- A parallel assignment in cooperation with Lala Tøyen As and Civitas AS.

Ålgård is a community in growth, and is expecting an increase in population from todays 10.000 inhabitants to about 20.000 inhabitants in 2040. There is a raising demand for diverse housing, more local working places, more diverse mobility infrastructures and improved public transport.

To meet the future as a thriving community with an active social scene, we suggest establishing a unifying central public place, ‘The common’ (allmenningen), surrounded by clusters of structures, each with outdoors spaces of different character. The common will have public programs such as library, city hall, swimming pool, culture and media center as well as schools, mixed with commercial businesses.

The different parts of the city are proposed with a mixed urban program in areas clearly different from each other in terms of building patterns, heights, density, typology and outdoor qualities. This concept provides the possibilities for a phased development and also ensures a true urban diversity.

Ålgårds great industrial history, the beautiful surrounding nature and the river running right through town has given the premises for the urban design.
We also strongly hope that the train connection to Sandnes and Stavanger will be reestablished, so that Ålgård will strengthen its role in a strong and developing region.