Stord, 2009

perspektiv1.jpgLEILIGHETERSTORD 2.jpgISO eksplo2.jpgTAKVARIANTER1.jpgfasA100.jpgfasB100.jpgfasC100.jpgsnitt100nyny.jpgperspektiv2.jpgperspektiv3.jpgLANDSKAPSPLAN (2) copy.jpgSAMMENSETNINGER3D2.jpg

A competition proposal from 2009 in cooperation with Bjørbekk & Lindheim landscape for a limited competition (prequalification) in Stord municipality.

The project explores a flexible module system in three flat sizes and a varied landscape. This is a rational system for affordable communal housing of high quality.