Oslo, Berlin , 2004-05


In an urban context the 'KITCHEN GARDEN' offers new possibilities in that it allows us to dispense with the need for a garden outside the home or a winter-garden attached: We can simply have the herbal garden in our own kitchen in the middle of the city.

The installation can be seen as a manifesto of our work as urban designers, where we see the world from above and define diverse programs for different areas. At the same time it is present in 1:1 as furniture with a double function: Here is the dining table, the most social place in the home or in the office - a source for ideas and inspiration.

The table, with its special lighting is also a compact greenhouse, where seeds may sprout and plants may grow. In combination the functions represent some of the most important aspects of architecture: We work with human relations and the relation between Man and nature.

The table challenges the visitor to action (eating, irrigating, caring). The plants' life cycle with its youthful vigor, maturity and decay may even remind us of both happy and uncanny stages in the course of life itself. The content of the containers can be subject to local needs and interpretation.