Stavanger, 2004-08

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Masterplan and housing project for 73 housing units.

April was commissioned to do a masterplan and a housing project containing 73 units after winning Europan7 in Stavanger. Even if the project differs a lot from the original competition proposal it was a pilot project on many levels.

At the time of construction Jåtten Øst was the largest low-energy housing development in Norway. It belonged to the Norwegian Wood program, which was a part of Stavanger being a Cultural Capital of Europe in 2008. The Norwegian Wood projects had extraordinary standards as regards use of wood, energy solutions, universal design and good architecture.

For Norway the project is unique for this kind of development since the buildings are placed right on to the pavement (as opposed to in the middle of garden). This makes the land-use efficient and the extra space its used for a shared park in the middle of the block. The housing units are on terraced houses and duplexes. There are 3 shared greenhouses between the buildings and all the units have a private garden on one side and a roof terrace on the other side to make the most of the sunlight. Ca. 50% of the site is covered with building and inside there are ca.11.000 m2 including the cellar.

The selv-builders are a part of a great Norwegian tradition that unfortunately is under threat, providing housing without the participation of a 3rd part who is in it for profit. The municipality organizes the whole process and brings in the necessary professional competence and the future owners participate in the building of the foundations.