April Arkitekter

10.05.2017 Os municipality invites APRIL to make a proposal for Steinneset town center
21.12.2016 Hyungmin Pai has invited APRIL to make an installation on the city of Reykjavik, Iceland at the Seoul biennale in September 2017. "In the Cities Exhibition, about 50 cities in the world will participate. Focusing on the common values that world cities and the specific themes of the Seoul Biennale, the Cities Exhibition showcases key projects and policy initiatives of each city."
24.08.2016: APRIL delivered 3 projects sketch phase (two single family houses and one two family house) + one study for their neighborhood! Looking forward to the next phases!
21.05.2016: 'Onion for the Neighborhood' (a project for urban agriculture) will be present at 'åpen gård' happening at Geitmyra food culture center for children at 12-15.
27.04.2016: APRIL is shortlisted for en competition in Gufunes, Iceland.
30.03.2016: APRILS study for Bossekop presented in Alta, Northern Norway
01.02.2016: APRILS project on Jåtten Øst presented in a public brochure for exemplary housing areas
01.02.2016: Spikerverket housing sold out a year before completion!
08.01.2016: APRIL shortlisted for a study for Bossekop in Alta
29.10.2015: A lecture at Sapienza University in Rome, in relation to the book
20.05.2015: Løk for Strøk 'Onion for the Neighborhood' launched in Oslo
25.04.2015: APRIL conceptualizes and organizes a conference at the house of literature - Re-designing the Gap: Urbanization between Formal Institutions and Informal Dynamics, in cooperation with the Oslo school of architecture and design and Oslo University.
26.03.2015: APRIL gives a lecture in Seoul, in relation to the new book
27.11.2014: APRIL receives 'green resources' from local municipality
21.10.2014: Book launch in Iceland!
08.04.2014: Presentation and exhibition on the Vippetangen project we were shortlisted to do; at DOGA
13.03.2014: The final report for Vippetangen delivered
07.11.2013: Bykubesong and other projects on climate friendly housing in the competition by the FutureBuilt program on show
24.09.2013: Spikerverket housing nominated for the Oslo architecture prize in 2013